Surf Park Awards | 2022 - Surf Park Awards
Surf Park Awards - 2021 - Global Consumer Opinion Poll in Surf Parks

Surf Park Awards - Celebrating those who Make Waves 

Surf Park Awards is an industry recognition opportunity for companies who epitomize one or more of the Awards categories -  (1) innovation in surfing progression, (2) sustainability, and/or (3) democratizing access to surfing for more people. These are the key themes to ensure a successful future of the surf parks industry. 

Completed submissions are due no later than Oct. 5, 2022. See details below on how to enter. Make waves!









Deadline to submit: Oct. 5, 2022

If your organization is active in surf parks, and you can tell a great visual story based on the Award categories below - please submit up to 750 words and preferably a video or photos to enter. Contact [email protected] with any questions.

Surf Park Awards Categories: 

Apply with one submission per category, or a submission that spans all 3 categories - your choice!

Who can Submit? 

Any organization involved with surfing or surf parks can submit to win a Surf Park Award. All submissions will be reviewed. We invite all the operating surf parks and wave technology companies out there to submit, whether or not you're a participant in Surf Park Summit - you can tell your story and receive your award virtually as well. 


How to Submit:

Complete the Application on this page

Include up to 750 words describing your submission and how it qualifies for the Award categories. Include a link to a shared folder to download any photos or video that go with your submission. 


  • Each organization can submit one submission per category, or one submission that spans multiple categories.

In your written submission be sure to include:

  • Description as to why your submission aligns to the Award categories
  • Explanation as to how the submission demonstrates work that is sustainable, enabling access, or advancing progression?  Who benefits from this innovation?
  • What motivates your team? 
  • How will your company continue to move your work forward in the future?

Photo and Videos:

Photos and videos are optional, but are strongly encouraged to help enhance your submission. If submitting video, use 1080P HD, 4K widescreen 

Judging Criteria: 

All submissions will be reviewed by a panel of judges who will select the finalists and ultimately the winners for each category.

Judges include:

  • Debbie Beacham
  • Izzy Tihanyi
  • Brandon Lowery
  • Ian Cairns
  • Shaun Tomson
  • Peter Townend
  • Jess Ponting

Winners will be announced during Surf Park Summit 2022

Prizes for Winners:

We’ll announce one winner for each category at the 2022 Surf Park Summit. Each winner will receive:

  1. One complimentary ticket to next year’s Surf Park Summit
  2. Surf Park INSIDERS Pro membership for one year
  3. Marketing benefits through Surf Park Central

2021 Surf Park Awards

Past Nominees:



The Surf Park Awards are part of the annual Surf Park Summit. The yearly event is hosted by Surf Park Central, and together they create the #1 source for facts, insights, access, and engagement in the surf park community. Summit features the leaders and innovators in surf parks who share lessons learned, valuable contacts, and tactical tips for success. With representatives from the top wave technology companies and surf parks, Summit attracts institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals looking to break into the space. Learn more at