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Consumer Trends Report 2023 (EDC-1)

The 2023 Surf Park Consumer Trends Report is almost 100 pages of unmatched industry insight into trends that are shaping the future of surfing outside the ocean.

The Report, written by industry expert Dr. Jess Ponting, a PhD associate professor at San Diego State University and Founder & Director of the SDSU Center for Surf Research, combines years of research from both Surf Park Central and Surfline and illustrates the evolution of customer perceptions, visitation trends and spend in the industry from 2015 through 2022.

Exclusive user data paints a massive overview of the current state of surfing and is key for those in the industry looking to cater to the surf park audience. 

Along with the 2023 Consumer Trends Report, you will also receive a link to watch Dr. Jess Ponting's Consumer Trends Presentation from the 2022 Surf Park Summit.